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Book Talks

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In Grade 5 we will be participating in Book Talks.


39 Clues_The Maze of Bones (Book Trailer).avi


A book Talk is not a book report. It is a reader trying to sell his/her book to other readers. Try to think of it like a commercial for a book that you have read. It is approximately 2-3 minutes long and gives just enough information about the characters, setting and plot to intrigue others.


How to:

  1. Read the book (never attempt to do for a book you haven't read)
  2. Fill out an outline for your book talk
  3. Write a final version of your book talk
  4. Practice reading your book talk
  5. Present your book talk to the class


To include:

  1. A hook (an interesting introduction)
  2. describe the setting
  3. Share memorable characters
  4. Give background information of the plot
  5. State the problem 
  6. Read an exciting part from the book

               NO SPOILERS 



  1. Practice
  2. Loud and clear
  3. Good eye contact
  4. Appropriate  gestures
  5. Entertaining/interesting 


7 Top Trailers to Hook Kids on Books



How to Do a Booktalk.avi


Book Talk_ Mr.Palles - Dogzilla.avi




Book Talk Overview

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