5K Health


Always Changing Puberty Education Program Boys start.mp4


Ground Rules


Question Box 




Reproductive Systems


  1. Look at outline of female and male body
  2. Watch video called The Human Reproductive System 


    3. Worksheets with video human reproductive system.pdf

             -Video Quiz*

             -matching vocabulary reproduction matching cards.doc  and do pg 2

               - watch We're Just Around the Corner

             -Label male and female reproductive systems pg 3 and 4

             - Do quiz on pg 5 and 6  *

     4. Multiple choice quiz as a refresher

     Watch Boy to Man Girl to Woman

     5. Fetal Developement overhead with measurement activities





     1. Watch Always Changing: A DVD About Puberty

     2. Work in the Always booklets provided

     Watch Kid to Kid

     3. Read Chris's Story. Decide is Chris a boy or girl going through puberty?

               Chris's story.pdf

     4. Sort Puberty Changes cards onto a class venn diagram for boys, girls or both


               changes answer key.pdf

               body mind and feelings.pdf

     5. Do BLM 5-2.1 blm 5-2.1 changes.doc

     6. With your family do an interview and discuss puberty BLM 5.13 5-13.doc

     7. Extra website: http://kidshealth.org/kid/grow/body_stuff/puberty.html#a_Time_to_Change  


Gender Roles and Stereotyping







1. Watch above video

2. From video Define: stereotyping

3. Do worksheet BLM 5-3.1

4.Stereotypes and Gender Roles updated.ppt  

5. Worksheets For Powerpoint




snow white powerpoint.ppt



Video that describes AIDS


     1.Watch video from United Streaming HIV_and_AIDS__Staying_Safe.asf

     2. Do accompanying workbooklet hiv and aids staying safe.pdf

     3. Watch either Aids Education 5 (VIdeo from Library) or above video that describes AIDS (From AIDS Canada)

     4. Complete "Learning About AIDS" booklet


Decision Making