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5K Health

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Ground Rules

  • Everyone has the right to "pass" on activities/questions that feel uncomfortable
  • It is all right to feel embarrassed or not to know the answers to everything
  • Everyone's opinion is to be respected
  • All questions will be addressed appropriately
  • Be discreet about class discussions (no gossiping or sharing with younger students)
  • Using personal names or asking personal questions is not permitted
  • Speak for yourself. Use "I" messages to state opinions or feelings
  • Respect others differences


Question Box 

  • All students will be given a piece of paper at the end of class to write a question, comment or suggestion on

  • To protect anonymity, all students will place their piece of paper in the box whether they have a question or not

  • If a student places their name on the piece of paper that will lead to a private discussion between that student and the teacher

  • Teachers Role: read and prepare responses for the next day's class 




Reproductive Systems

  • Label diagrams of the reproductive systems correctly
  • Define terms associated with the reproductive systems
  • Complete a questionnaire on the reproductive system


  1. Look at outline of female and male body
  2. Watch video called The Human Reproductive System 


    3. Worksheets with video human reproductive system.pdf

             -Video Quiz*

             -matching vocabulary reproduction matching cards.doc  and do pg 2

               - watch We're Just Around the Corner

             -Label male and female reproductive systems pg 3 and 4

             - Do quiz on pg 5 and 6  *

     4. Multiple choice quiz as a refresher

     Watch Boy to Man Girl to Woman

     5. Fetal Developement overhead with measurement activities



  • List male and female changes associated with puberty
  • Articulate social/emotional changes(occurring at puberty) and how to cope with them
  • Describe some of the responsibilities that come with all the changes at puberty



     1. Watch Always Changing: A DVD About Puberty

     2. Work in the Always booklets provided

     Watch Kid to Kid

     3. Read Chris's Story. Decide is Chris a boy or girl going through puberty?

               Chris's story.pdf

     4. Sort Puberty Changes cards onto a class venn diagram for boys, girls or both


               changes answer key.pdf

               body mind and feelings.pdf

     5. Do BLM 5-2.1 blm 5-2.1 changes.doc

     6. With your family do an interview and discuss puberty BLM 5.13 5-13.doc

     7. Extra website: http://kidshealth.org/kid/grow/body_stuff/puberty.html#a_Time_to_Change  


Gender Roles and Stereotyping

  • Define the term stereotype
  • Identify toys for boys, girls and both
  • Find pictures of cartoons representing stereotypical and non-stereotypical males and females
  • Identify characteristics that makes males and females stereotypical
  • Identify specific media messages regarding sexuality and gender roles
  • Recognize cultural influences on sexuality and gender roles







1. Watch above video

2. From video Define: stereotyping

3. Do worksheet BLM 5-3.1

4.Stereotypes and Gender Roles updated.ppt  

5. Worksheets For Powerpoint




snow white powerpoint.ppt



  • Define HIV/AIDS
  • List facts about HIV, the transmission of the virus, its effects on immune system, prevention and treatment outcomes

Video that describes AIDS


     1.Watch video from United Streaming HIV_and_AIDS__Staying_Safe.asf

     2. Do accompanying workbooklet hiv and aids staying safe.pdf

     3. Watch either Aids Education 5 (VIdeo from Library) or above video that describes AIDS (From AIDS Canada)

     4. Complete "Learning About AIDS" booklet


Decision Making

  • Identify decision-making situations associated with puberty
  • Apply a decision-making model to the situations
  • Demonstrate (through role-play) the application of decision-making model





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