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Grade 5: Matter 



Changing states of matter activity and game

Create your own Crossword



Matter Quiz


The following are indicators of chemical changes:






Simple Machines


What is a Simple Machine?


Wedges and Inclined Planes


Automatic Back Scratcher

 Automatic Back Scratcher

Simple Machine Experients  

Rude Goldberg Challenge


Gears Video


Simple Machines Power point Sample 1

Simple Machines Powerpoint sample 2

Simple Machines Powerpoint sample 3


Wordle: Simple Machines







Simple machines Design Samples



Weather (ppt)

Read and Predict the Weather



Check the Weather



          Tornado(make a twister- http://eo.ucar.edu/webweather/tornact4.html



          –Thunderstorm make a thunderstorm http://eo.ucar.edu/webweather/tornact2.html

                    Your Project


                    –Describe it

                    –Where does this weather generally occur?

                    –Effects on Earth, humans and other living things



                    –5 pictures

                    –Worksheet for students

                    –Bonus: experiment or hands-on activity





Research It using these sites








The Water Cycle

The Story of Drinking Water

The Water Cycle

Play the Water Cycle Game 

Morphie's Great Water Ride Adventure

The Water Cycle 

The Water Cycle and Climate

Water Cycle, Water Words, Water Fun 

Cloud Formation (water cycle)

Round & Round it Goes 

Water - A Never-ending Story 

Safe Drinking Water

Rivers and Coasts  

Water Cycle FREE Flash Presentations

Water Cycle FREE Powerpoints

Water Cycle FREE Videos



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