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What's wrong with Wikipedia?


For Students

Get Pictures for your Projects 

EDMODO A safe and secure social networking site







Picture Art

Make Fun Photos  http://www.funphotobox.com/Default.aspx

     Use a picture of yourself and add your face to some funny pics


Make your own signs   http://www.addletters.com/image-list.php

     You can create a sign that you can use on your webpage


Turn your photos into artwork http://www.befunky.com/

     Take a picture of you and your family and turn it into a work of art


Become a model http://photofunia.com/

     Put your face on a models famous shot



Tuxpi- Change your photos into fun art


 Wordle: students are

Wordle- Word Art


Tagxedo- More word art (wordle and above)


Your custom chocolate bar

Glass Giant 



Add Letters 




Picartia- Make a mosaic



Fancy Paint Program http://www.sumopaint.com/app/

     With more advanced tools you can create your own paint activities




Play your favorite artist's music http://songza.com/







Animoto (make your own great videos)

Teaching videos

TED videos

Qwiki- More videos for teaching


Just Plain Cool

Virtual Tours view all around the world.

Extra sites of Interest

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Get a Voki now!




Good for Novel Studies


Time Toast (Creat your own time lines for autobiography, social studies and novel studies. Can be printed or attached to portfolio)

GoogleLitTrips (Take a tour around the setting map of popular books)

Prezi - Create astonishing presentations live and on the web!


Smart Board



Blabberize (Make this guy tell your story)

Xtranormal (have the characters talk, perfect for French class)



Math   http://www.ixl.com/   - Many interactive activities to build and reinforce Math skills for grade Pre K - 6


Big Huge Labs - this is the site where you can create Magazine covers, etc. with pictures.


PRSD Literacy with ICT for new teachersApr 2010.ppt


Student Friendly copy 1.doc  (continuum)


Literacy with ICT  (Across the Curriculum)  This is the Manitoba Education site with supports.


Literacy with ICT  wiki  this Resource provides more support for the Literacy with ICT provincial page.


Digi Blocks


Mimio Connect - this is a site where you can download mimio lesson plans


Mimio - this is the main website for Mimio Interactive Teaching


50 Creative Ways to Use Your Wiki  - Various ways to use a wiki in the classroom, teacher planning, community.


Time Toast  - this is a web site that you create timelines with.  Students can use it to summarize events in novel studies, Social Studies (history), anything you can think of!


Glogster  - this is a web site where, after you create a free teacher account, you and your students can use to create posters.  


Xtranormal - this is a web site where, after you create an account, your students can create movies, and conversations (ie. French)


SEN Teacher  (This site has the "I Have/ You Have" cards.  Look under 'printables' and 'follow me cards')


Prezi - Create astonishing presentations live and on the web!


Animoto  an online answer to Photostory.  You can get a free educator's account, and create, and insert online photostory - type creations into your classroom wikis!


The Scrub Club


PRSD Technology Wiki


Delicious Wikis  (copyright information and links) 


Media Converter (use with You Tube, etc.)


CogDogRoo - this is a 'story tool' web site with over 50 ideas / options for students to use to present their stories (once you have used the 'writing process' of course!)


100 Excellent Online Tools to Feed Your Creativity


K - 3  Teacher Resources  (some are free, membership fee for more).


Creative Commons Search Engines - use this link to help you search for copyright free items.



Mind Map / Concept Map Software choices


Bubbl.us- this is another online  mind map / 'brainstorming' web tool.  Just click on the 'brainstorm' button to begin!


Text2Mind Maps - this is a free concept mapping tool.


Songs for Teaching - this is a site where you can purchase songs to use in the classroom (very cheaply), use them in class.  (Just don't 'post them').


EduWiki Teacher Training




Literacy with ICT


Tumble Books


Great starter sites Technology PD

2009 Sag http://joevans.pbwiki.com/

2010 Sag http://joevans.pbworks.com/Flickr-Toys-and-More%3A-Every-Picture-Tells-a-Story

     Great teaching resources including: Diigo, Picture work, Flikr

ElmCreek LWICT

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