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Writer's Workshop

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  Students begin the year by writing a story all about them:

Autobiography Project.doc

 Name Poem Sample  NAME POEM.doc

Travel Brochure Samples



Lesson 1:   How to ______________

   Go through student rubric for organization

   Show student samples of How to ____________

   Show Miss K's How to Make Coffee photostory


   Look at students copies of How to___________

   Create a class rubric


Student Samples:


How To Make a Pot of Coffee



Polar Bear Essay 

1.Watch Live Polar Bear Feed 

2.Watch video




To Play while they research



Great Research site


3.Polar Bear Outline Sample

Polar Bear Title Page

Polar Bear Essay

Polar Bear Sources


Adopt a Polar Bear 



Lesson 2:  Biography

     Pick someone who interests you to do a biography research project on



           Paragraph 1 : As a child

           Paragraph 2 : What made them famous?

           Paragraph 3: Where are they now?


     Use outline

               Biography Project.doc


Student Samples:

Anne Frank chevy.doc

My Biography is about Delaney Collins.doc

My biography is about Reggie Jackson.doc

I am doing my biography on Neil Armstrong.doc

Terry wanted to find a cure for cancer so he decided to run a Marathon of Hope.doc


Word Choice


Other ways to say "said"

Students are trying to think carefully about the words that they use in their writing.  They are working on painting a picture in the reader's head and finding new words to replace our old, boring, regular words.


ex. stroll instead of walk.


We are learning to use a thesaurus to broaden our vocabulary in writing.



Students are working on adding personality and style to their writing by expanding their voice. Its a way to allow the writer's personality to come through the writing.  It is a combination of feeling, style and connection.



Lesson 1:

 Read Students the book "Hey, Little Ant" by Philip and Hannah Hoose

It's a story about a kid who is a bout to squish an ant but the ant is trying to convince him not to do it with good convincing arguments.

  •      Student will then write their own stories with dual personalities trying to convince the reader to be on their side.


Lesson 2:

Fairy Tale Character court case

  • We are going to take that big bad wolf to court where he will try to defend himself against the three little pigs.  Who will the jury side with??


Lesson 3:

Write an article for Fairy Tale News (a tabloid filled with the dirt on our favorite characters)

     ex. Frog Prince admits to smashing house of straw.


Lesson 4:

Write your own fractured fairy tale

  • Students will take the theme from their favorite fairy tale and give it a little twist.


To Create a Newspaper or Brochure




Scholastic Create your own (Charlotte's Web)

Read Popular Comics (Garfield, Peanuts)





Create a 5W  Poem 

Poetry Samples


Haiku Samples


What is a Diamante Poem




Write a Rap


Giggle Poems for students to read


Poetry Starters


Learning with Songs





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