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June 2012

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1. Daily Edit

2. Quick write



5 Senses Poems

I Used To Be


Bio- Poems


Weekly Plan (one poem a week)

Monday - read sample poems

Tuesday - Write one sample together on the board

               -They write their own versions, rough copy

               -They write about 3 poems per style

Wednesday- Finish rough copy

                    -self-edit, peer edit

Thursday - Type with pictures

Friday- everyone gets up and sharesone of their poems and then place it on our writing wall in the hall


When all poems are done, make a wordle title page including the names of all the poems we learnt about this term. They gather up their poems, staple together and hand in. (this end project can help you generate a report comment)




Weekly Routine (for first 10 minutes of class time)

Monday- Mental Math from Mental Math in the Middle Years Book

Tuesday- Number Line (1 adding, 1 subtracting, one multiplying and 1 dividing) ex: 2 345 + 357, 365-97, 8 x 6, 47 / 8

Wednesday- Word Problem with a mark out of 5

Thursday- Number of the Day (been doing this for fractions percents and decimals lately)

Friday - a quick math game like who has or bingo


Algebra (single variables) ex. 6r = 12 or 24 - p= 13


2D and 3D Shapes



Read a book of choice(their level) silently each day during reading time. Keeping notes with the understanding that they will complete a glogster to share their understanding. These can be presented the last couple weeks of school. This will also give you the class time to test them on their reading. (Use John's reading inventory- give them the grade 5 passage.

Provide outline for expectations on glogster Outline and Rubric



Social Studies

Migration Unit 

After the war, Britain was eager to open up the backwoods to farming. It planned to fill its colonies with people from England, Scotland, Wales, and Ireland. Between 1815 and 1850, more than 800 000 immigrants came to ports of Halifax, Saint John, and Quebec City. They wanted to migrate because in Britain the population was growing rapidly, but jobs were scarce. Farmers were being forced of the land. Poverty and hunger were common. Ireland suffered a terrible famine, forcing many rural people to flee. Immigrants  traveled from Britain to Canada by ship. This caused 800,000 immigrants to come to Canada, resulting in large population growth


As a small group answer these questions on a large piece of paper

Power Point on The Great Migration or this quick video ( http://176-m235.summer.com/mayer/ss1014a1a001migration.swf )

Do your own Culture Research Project to find out where your family came from and who in your family immigrated to Canada) Use this family tree http://www.myheritage.com/

Read about Migration from notes

Make a Graph about immigration flow using excel

Create a poster and a boarding pass

Take Migration Notes



Webpage (students use this webpage individually or in small groups to answer the questions on the corresponding worksheet)


Question Sheet



The weather unit should be completed if not they may just be finishing up their violent weather prezis. They will need ample computer time to complete this and then present to the class.





Everyday students lead the class in calendar

Then see outline of family unit I will highlight where we have completed up to in this unit.

End project is to create a powerpoint aout their family. Please show my sample or feel free to create your own for them to see expectations. The things they must include based on the topics we have covered this year. They put a picture of a family member and write who they are (C'est mon pere ou C'est ma mere ), about what they eat (Il/ Elle mange.....), what they are wearing in that picture (Il/Elle porte .....) What activities they like to do (Il/Elle aime .......)


sample in 5K folder.


Year end reminders:

1. Pass on schonell spelling scores and reading level, plus a math review quiz and a writing sample to the student's teacher for next year. And their headphones from the computer lab.

2. Please take down all posters, signs and borders and place in garbage bag, this bag can be placed in my cubby up in the resource area above Louise's office.

3. All shelves get covered with garbage bags so that dust can't get on the shelves while they work over the summer.


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